Travel Plans for Conversation Practice

Use Internet resources to make original and realistic
travel plans for discussion

1. You are planning to take a trip to another country on your next vacation.

With a Partner

2. You and your partner must decide what city (airport) you will leave from and where you
    want to go. To make it realistic, it is  best to leave from the city you are now living in.
    (A good place to search is and

3. Set the date of departure and length of stay. It is best to limit the stay to one week or
    less (due to limited time in which to do this exercise).

4. Decide what things you wish to do: sports, sightseeing to historical sites or museums, go
   to concerts, theater, or theme parks, eat at ethnic restaurants, etc. It is best to limit the
   number of each activity to 3 or less. You may wish to limit the total cost of the trip, too.

On Your Own

5. On your own, find the best flight to your destination. The best flight may be the cheapest,
    the shortest waiting times, the easiest to arrange, etc.

6. Find out what the weather will be like so you can better plan your activities.
    (A good place to search is or

7. Search for places to visit and things to do at your destination. Note important information,
    particularily times and dates, addresses or telephone numbers, cost and why it is interesting.

8. Make a schedule for a week (or less) which includes all the places you would like to visit,
    things to do and places to eat. Remember not to include more than the limit in number 4.
    (Write your plan on the schedule blank for easy viewing.)

With a Partner

9. Compare and discuss your schedule with your partner and make one new schedule including
    activities from both schedules. Remember to decide on a flight, too.
    (Go to conversation help for useful language to use in your discussions.)

10. (Optional) Find a new partner and try to convince them that your schedule is the best one
      to follow: more interesting, more fun or exciting, less expensive, etc.