Useful Language

1. Making suggestions
Why don't we go to Superland/Big Sea Cruise ? How about Central Hotel/The Castaway ?
Why don't we shop at The Plaza/Bob's Antiques ? Let's go to the Brand Museum/Jazz Concert .
Why don't we eat at China Hat/Joe's Diner ? I want to go to Pebble Beach/Star Station .

2. Giving reasons
I want to go because it's exciting/fun . I don't want to because it's too fast/dangerous .
We should go because it's cute/beautiful . We shouldn't go because it's boring/expensive .
Let's go because it's interesting/popular . Let's not go because it's far away/a long wait .
Let's because it's scenic/a good chance/cheap/ relaxing/famous/healthy/educational . Let's not because it's difficult/too wild/cold/scary/ bad weather/dirty/a waste of time .

3. Agreeing4. Disagreeing
OK. Wonderful! I'd rather not. Let's do something else.
Good idea. Sure. I wouldn't like that. Let's choose another one.
Great! All right. I really don't want to. Let's not.

5. Gathering information
Where is it? What day? How long is it?
Where do we go? What time? How much is it?
When do we go? What time does it start? How do we get there?
What do we do? What time does it end? Why?

6. Sample dialogs

A: Let's go downtown first.
B: OK. Then let's go to Central Park.
A: Good idea. Where do you want to go after that?
B: Let's eat lunch.
A: Great. Where should we eat?
B: How about Shoko's Diner?
A: What food do they have?
B: Japanese.
A: I'd rather not go there. How about Pete's Place? They have pizza.
B: OK. Then why don't we go shopping after that?

A: Where do you want to go first?
B: How about Forest Park? Let's go horse back riding.
A: What time?
B: Let's go at 9:30.
A: OK. Then I want to go to bungee jumping.
B: Why?
A: Let's go because it's exciting.
B: I'd rather not. I think paragliding is more exciting.
A: How much is it?
B: About $40.
A: OK. Let's go there. Then why don't we go to Main Street?
B: Why do you want to go there?
A: We could shop and eat lunch.
B: Good idea.