To the Teacher

1. Although the lessons can be modified to accomodate lower level students, they work best if the students are at least of a (high) intermediate level to have meaningful discussions using the worksheets. Disneyland, California is the easiest lesson and can be done in the shortest time. The other lessons require more extensive net searching and higher order language skills when combining plans with a partner.

2. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the site(s) you will be using before the class. If you have a chance to use the computer in the lab before the students arrive, navigate around the sites and/or pages to have them downloaded to the system's cache speeding access. (This also serves as a test to confirm that the site is functioning properly at that time.)

3. If there is no available printer in the lab, it is necessary to print out the worksheet you will be using and make enough copies for each student before class. Depending on the lesson, it may also be necessary to make copies of the schedule blank and conversation help pages. All pages will print out on A4 size paper when using a Netscape browser. It may be necessary to change the page font to Times to have the information fit on an A4 page for printing.

4. Always have the students write their choices on the worksheet. This is because saved information can be lost on the computer or cannot always be printed out, or the site may go down, input mistakes may be made, etc.

5. It is useful to print copies of some of the main pages the students will be accessing to show and point to for clarification of certain things such as: how to navigate, places to click, page location, general layout, getting students back to the same place, etc.