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Goi is a small village. It is located in the central area of Japan.
( Goi-cho, Gamagori-city, Aichi-prefecture)
Goi has many ruins and old temples and shrines. The ancient graves, temples, and shrines have their own mysterious legends.
People were living in their traditional costoms. Even today, many festivals or ceremonies are held in the traditional manner.
One special ceremony, held in Myozenin temple, is truly marvelous. The traditional ceremony is called "Hiwatari", which is a kind of fire ceremony. The ceremony is to be held in the first Sunday of September.
If you are interested to see these temples introduced in this home page, please come and see them with your own eyes.
The temples or shrines are not for travelers but for the faithful people.
If you visit such a rural temple, please remember that.

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