Travel Plan Worksheet: St. Louis

You will take a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. for your vacation next week. You will leave on the
first day of the week that has scheduled flights and stay for 5 days. Plan your trip.

1. (Search for St. Louis, Missouri.)

2. What is the weather forecast for next week in St. Louis?
         Weather:                                    High:                     Low:
         Day 1                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 2                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 3                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 4                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 5                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 6                                  .                              .                            .
         Day 7                                  .                              .                            .

3. (Find a good hotel in downtown St. Louis between $125 to $185 with an inside pool.) Write the
     hotel name and address.
          Name:                                      .         Address:                                                                      .

4. (Search the following airlines for flights to St. Louis: Delta, Northwest and United.) Write your
     choice and reason.
          Airline:                                                  .                       Flight Number(s):                              .
          Transfer City (if necessary):                                    .    Cost:                                          .
          Departure Date:                           .  Departure Time:                     . Arrival Time:                      .
          Return Date:                                .  Departure Time:                     . Arrival Time:                      .
          Why did you choose this airline and flight?                                                                             .

5. (Go back to the St. Louis City Internet site(s) and find the following things to do.) Choose 3
    attractions to visit, 3 places to shop, 3 restaurants where you would like to eat, 2 sports to do
    or watch and 2 concerts, movies or plays to go to.





Concerts / Movies / Theater

6. (Go to the schedule blank and write your choices on the day and time you wish to do them.)
    Compare your completed travel schedule with a partner. Combine your plans into one. If you have
    something planned at the same time, discuss your choices and decide on one activity.
    About how much do you think your trip will cost? $

7. Find a new partner and compare and explain your travel plans.
            1) Which plan is cheaper?         MINE          PARTNER
            2) How much cheaper is it?       $
            3) Which plan is the busiest?    MINE          PARTNER
            4) Do you like your plan better than your partner's?    YES      NO
            5) What are two things from your partner's plan that you would like to add to your plan?