Internet and the Foreign Language Conversation Class

Topic Talk

You can find answers to almost anything you want to know on the Internet. Choose a topic you are interested in. Use your imagination, but try to choose a topic that will really be useful to you. Search the Internet for information and make questions about it. This will help you remember the information and hopefully it will be useful to you.

First look at this example:

I am interested in health. Health is very important to living a happy and interesting life. If you are sick, or unhealthy, you cannot do many of the things you would like to do. You may not have enough energy to get involved in things that interest you, to enjoy your work, or to spend time helping others that are important to you. I searched for information about exercising to keep our bodies healthy. Here are some questions about what I found out. Can you answer them?

1. What is most important for your good health? (Eating right and getting enough exercise.)

2. When should you exercise? (In the afternoon. In the morning stiff muscles could be damaged.)

3. Why should you exercise? (It keeps your heart strong, your mind alert, improves your mood, and combats illness.)

4. Who should exercise? (Any one can benefit from exercise no matter how young or old.)

5. How often should you exercise? (The recommended amount is for at least 30 min. five days a week.)

The underlined words above are “question words” that are often used in information gathering. Here is a list of 10:
1. Why
2. Where
3. What
4. When
5. Which
6. Who
7. How often
8. How long
9. How much
10. How many

Homework Part I

Choose a topic and write 5 questions using the question starters above. You may use other question words not on the list. Look on the Internet to find information to help you make questions. Make sure you know the answers to the questions. Write out the answers if it will help you remember them.

Homework Part II

Write a short introduction to the topic. The introduction should give some background about the topic and explain why you are interested in it.

Classroom Part I

Read your introduction to your partner. Answer any questions your partner has about the topic.

Classroom Part II

Ask your partner your questions. If your partner does not know the answer, let your partner make a guess. Tell your partner your answer and try to give more information.