Internet and the Foreign Language Conversation Class


You will talk about a sport of your choice. Choose a sport that you are particularly interested in and search the Internet for new information about that sport. You will exchange information with your partner. Your favorite sport may become more interesting to you, or you may become interested in a new sport.

Homework Part I

For practice, search the Internet and try to find answers to the following questions about badminton.

1. In what country was the first form of badminton played?

2. What was a similar sport played in Japan in the 16th century called?

3. Badminton came to England from what country?

4. Which country is the strongest in recent years?

5. What is a “let?”

Homework Part II

Choose a sport. Search the Internet for information about that sport. You should find information that is something you did not already know. Make 5 questions about the new information to ask your partner. Use the following questions to help you.

1. When did the sport start?
2. What country did it start in?
3. What is the newest rule?
4. Who holds the record in that sport?
5. What is the size of the field?
6. What is the most common injury in that sport?
7. How much does the equipment cost?

Classroom Part I

Make pairs and ask your partner your questions. If your partner does not know the answer, tell them the answer and try to add some more interesting information. Take notes about what you learned when it's your turn.

Classroom Part II

Make questions using the information from your notes above to ask a new partner. Most of the questions can be the "Wh questions" such as who, what, where, when, why, which, whose, how often, how much, how many, how long, etc.

Classroom Part III

Make new pairs and ask and answer your partner's questions. Tell your partner about what you learned.

Classroom Part IV

Think about what you learned and answer the following questions. The teacher will then ask some of the questions around the class.
1. What sport did you talk about?
2. What are two new things that you learned?
3. Did you become more interested in your favorite sport?
4. Did you become more interested in another sport?
5. When will you play or watch one of the sports next?