Internet and the Foreign Language Conversation Class

Picture Contest


You and your classmates will upload a picture of your choice to the PBwiki web site. You will discuss the pictures on-line and in class and choose the best picture in each category.

Homework 1

First choose one of your pictures and choose a category to enter it in. The categories are: interesting, artistic, funny, and crazy. You may enter a different picture in each category. Use the questions below to help you choose a good picture.

1. Is there something different/strange/unique about this picture?
2. Is there something more you want to know about this picture?
3. What does it make you wonder about?

1. Is this picture clear with good lighting?
2. Is it taken from an interesting angle?
3. Does it show lots of colors and shapes?

1. Does this picture make you laugh or smile?
2. Does it make you think of something funny?
3. Does it make you feel good to look at it?

1. Is this picture unusual?
2. Does something really strange or goofy?
3. Have you seen this kind of picture before?

Homework 2

Go to the SeeSpeak web site at: and choose the "Picture Contest" folder with the category to enter your picture. Read "Picture Contest Instructions" in the sidebar if you need help creating your picture page.

Homework 3

Look at the pictures your classmates posted and ask them questions or make comments. You should also check your picture and answer your classmates' questions.

Homework 4

Choose a picture in each category that you think is best. You cannot choose your own picture. Write some reasons why you chose the picture on a note paper and bring it to class with you.

Classroom Part 1

Get together with a partner and discuss your choices. Agree or disagree with your partner and give reasons.

Classroom Part 2

Make pairs with another partner and discuss your choices again. You can use ideas and reasons from your first partner in your discussions.

Classroom Part 3

You will discuss the pirctures and choices together with the class and decide which pictures should receive prizes.