Internet and the Foreign Language Conversation Class

My Picture

You will put a picture on the Internet and look at pictures posted by your classmates and teacher. Your picture should be of two or more people (not counting yourself) and can include family members, club or teammates, classmates, friends, or coworkers. The picture should not be more than 10 years old.

Homework Part I

Go to  and look at the picture posted by your teacher. Use your imagination to answer the following questions about your teacherŐs picture. Write at least 3 more original questions.

1. Who are the people?

2. Where are they?

3. What are they doing?

4. What season is it?

5. How old is the picture?

6. Who took the picture?





Homework Part II

Choose a picture you would like to use. Think about your picture and the answers to these questions. If you cannot answer the questions about your picture, choose another picture. Write your answer to these questions about your own picture:

1. Who is in the picture?

2. Who took the picture?

3. Where was the picture taken?

4. When was the picture taken?

5. How long were you at this place?

6. How often are you at this place?

7. Why were you there?

8. What did you do there?

Homework Part III

Upload your picture to MySpace. Go to and follow the instructions to make an account and upload your picture. Make sure to invite your partner to visit your site.

Homework Part IV

Go to your partnerŐs site and look at your partnerŐs picture. Think of information you want to know about your partnerŐs picture. You should ask more detailed questions than the general questions above. Write at least 10 questions. For example:

1. Why did you wear that hat?
2. What time of day is it?
3. What was happening behind you?
4. Did you take more pictures at this place?
5. Why is that person laughing?
6. What is that person holding?
7. Where were you standing?
8. Did you buy anything at that time?
9. What did you do after taking the picture?
10. How did you feel when the picture was taken?

Homework Part V

Go to you partnerŐs site and post 5 of the 10 questions on their page. Look at the questions your partner posted for you on your site and think of good answers to the questions.

Classroom Part I

In class you will first ask the teacher about the teacherŐs picture. You may use any of the questions on this page. DonŐt forget to ask your original questions, too.

Classroom Part II

Now you will ask and answer questions with your partner about your pictures. First answer the 5 questions posted to your site and then continue with the remaining 5 questions. You can ask more questions as you think of them. Try to provide as much information as you can.

Classroom Part III

Find a new partner and talk about your pictures. You can ask the questions and use the other information that you practiced above.