Internet and the Foreign Language Conversation Class

Music Appreciation

You will put music on the Internet and listen to music posted by your classmates and teacher. You should choose songs that you like and often listen to. If you do not listen to music much anymore, you may choose songs that you used to like or listen to in the past.

1. Go to this site:

2. In the search box, enter the names of various artists.

3. Choose a song that you like and click the arrow on the right to listen to it.

4. Choose “embed” and copy the second window.

5. Go to your MySpace page and choose “edit profile” from your homepage.

6. Paste the copied code for the song into the “music” window.

7. Go to the top and click “save all changes.”

8. Now your friends and classmates can listen to the song on your MySpace page and make comments.

Homework Part I

Go to your partner’s MySpace page and listen to the song they have selected. Answer the following questions.
First write the name of the song and artist here:                                                                            

1. What kind of music is it? (check all that you think apply)

jazz rock classical rap punk heavy metal hip hop soul blues alternative other

2. Have you heard this song before?          Yes             No

3. Do you like this music?        not really    a little      it's OK     it’s pretty good     it’s great                       

4. How does this song make you feel? (check all that you feel)


depressed sleepy  a little sad
average calm pretty happy excited wild complicated other

5. What do you think the song is about?   love    hate     peace    loss    hope    social issues                                 

6. What other song or musician does this song remind you of?         nothing                              

7. What do you want to know about this song?

8. Do you want to add this song to your play list?         sure            maybe later

9. What do you like about this song or music?

10. What don’t you like about this song or music?

Homework Part II

Search the Internet for more information about your partner’s song/singer/band. Make notes about the things that interested you.






Classroom Part I

Ask and answer the following questions with your partner about your songs and talk about the music. Write two of your own questions to ask.

1. Why did you choose this song?

2. When did/do you listen to this song the most?

3. Is this the main kind of music you like?

4. What other kinds of music do you like?

5. What do you think this song is about?

6. How does this song make you feel?

7. What other songs do you listen to by this artist?

8. Can you sing this song?



Classroom Part II

Tell your partner what you found out on the Internet about their artist and song. What new information did you learn from your partner about your own song?

Classroom Part III

Get together with a new partner and talk about your songs.