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Yoshinobu Kawabe
Welcome! I am interested in formal verification of computer programs. Currently, I am engaged in work on verifying security properties of communication protocols.

Research Interests

"How can we make communicating programs correct?"
"Is this communication protocol really secure? How can we prove it?"

The use of formal methods, which is a methodology to prove the correctness of various software systems, can give an answer to these questions. With a formal method, for example, we can prove that a security protocol does not leak private information on the Internet, where we can see that the leakage of private information is due to a "bug" of the protocol.

My research concerns formal verification of security protocols, web services and distributed systems. The research can be classified into:

Recent Publications

Contact Address

Dept. of Information Science,
Aichi Institute of Technology.
1247 Yachigusa Yakusa-Cho
Toyota, 470-0392, JAPAN

Email: kawabe [at] aitech.ac.jp

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Updated: September 1, 2010