Yukio Kaneda





Work Address:        Department of Natural Science, Aichi Institute of Technology,

                                Yachikusa 1247, Yakusa, Toyota 470-0392,   Tel: +0565-48-8121

Email:                      ykaneda gath aitech.ac.jp




1967-1971       University of Tokyo,  BSc., Faculty of Science,  (Dept. of Physics)

1971-1976       University of Tokyo,  DSc., Faculty of Science



Work Experience

1976-1976       Research Associate, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo

1976-1994       Research Associate, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor

                        Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University

1994                Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University

1994-1996       Professor, Graduate School of Poly-Mathematics, Nagoya University

1997-2012       Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

2012-present   Professor, Department of Natural Science, Aichi Institute of Technology

Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University




Research Interest

Statistical theory of turbulence,

Computational fluid mechanics,



Academic Societies

Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics (Fellow),

Physical Society of Japan

Science Council of Japan

American Physical Society (Fellow)

Institute of Physics, UK (Fellow)



Published Works:

Journal Papers include

1.   Study of High-Reynolds Number Isotropic Turbulence by Direct Numerical Simulation

Ishihara, T, Gotoh, T, Kaneda, Y

  Ann. Rev. Fluid. Mech. Vol. 41(2009), pp.165-180.


2.   On the decay of isotropic turbulence
Ishida T, Davidson PA, Kaneda Y

      J. Fluid Mech. Vol. 564(2007) pp455-475


3.   High-resolution direct numerical simulation of turbulence

Kaneda, Y, Ishihara, T

Journal of Turbulence, Vol. 7- 20(2006)  pp. 1-17.   


4.   Energy Dissipation Rate and Energy Spectrum in High Resolution Direct Numerical  

      Simulations of Turbulence in a Periodic Box

Kaneda, Y, Ishihara T, Yokokawa, Itakura K,  Uno, A     

  Phys. Fluids, Vol.15, No.2 (2003) pp.L21-L24


5.  Suppression of vertical diffusion in strongly stratified turbulence

Kaneda, Y; Ishida, T

J. Fluid Mech. Vol. 402(2000), pp.311-327.


6.  Numerical simulation of semidilute suspensions of rodlike particles in shear-flow

Yamane Y, Kaneda Y, Doi, M

J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. Vol.54 (1994), pp.405-421.


7.  Lagrangian and Eulerian time correlations in turbulence

Kaneda Y.
Phys. Fluids A-Fluid Dynamics, Vol.5-11(1993) pp.2835-2845.


8.  Renormalized expansions in the theory of turbulence with the use of the Lagrangian renormalized function.

Kaneda Y

      J. Fluid Mech. Vol. 107(1981) pp131-145.




Books edited include


1.      gTen Chapters in Turbulenceh,

Editors; P. Davidson, Y.Kaneda, K. Sreenivasan.

2012, Cambridge University Press. 450 pages


2.      gA Voyage through Turbulenceh

Editors; P. Davidson, Y.Kaneda, K. Moffatt, K. Sreenivasan.

2011, Cambridge University Press. 450 pages.


3.      gIUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulenceh,

Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in

Turbulence, September, 11-14, 2006,

Editor;  Kaneda Y,  

IUTAM Bookseries Vol. 4, Springer (2008) pp.1-461.


4.      gFrontiers of Computational Science; Proceedings of International Symposium on Frontiers of

Computational Science 2005h

Editors; Kaneda Y, Kawamura H and Sasai M ,

Springer-Verlag, Tokyo (2007) pp.1-377.


5.      gStatistical Theories and Computational Approaches to Turbulence; Modern Perspectives and

Applications to Global-Scale Flowsh,

Editors; Kaneda Y, Gotoh T,

Springer-Verlag, Tokyo (2002) pp.1-409.



Other Contributions

Journal Editor, etc. include 

1.   Associate Editor, J. of Fluid Mechanics. 2010-present.

2.   Associate Editor, J. of Turbulence. 2004-present.

3.   ICTAM Congress Committee Member 2008 - present


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