Self-Sequenced MIDI Files on the Net
Pages which have MIDI files sequenced by the page owner.

Maintained by Standard MIDI Files on the Net

Clarke, Ron
Celtic Tunes in MIDI Files [.mid] 60
Finley, Robert S
A Selection of My Sequences [.mid] 41, Classical Piano
Goodyear, Robert
Robert Goodyear's Richard Strauss & Classical MIDI Page [.mid] 12
Greentree,Margaret Bach Chorales - 403 Bach Chorales in a .zip pack
Jordan, Richard
The Jordan-O'Connel Memorial Celtic Midi Archive [.mid] 50+
Krueger, Bernd
Classical Piano MIDI Page [.mid] 60
Lee, Richard
Gregorian Chants [.mid] 34
Maurath, Edward J.
Edward J. Maurath MIDI files of Bach and Handel [.mid] 70
Mercanti, Jorge
Brazilian MIDI Files [.mid] 81
Paipi, Arbanji
Arbanji MIDI Workstation [.mid] 43
Pessentheiner, Wolfgang
Classical MIDI Files [.mid] 2, Rimski-Korsakov, Shostakovich
Ricker, Chris
Chris Ricker's MIDI Files [.mid] 35, Traditional Music
Rodrian, S. D.
The Complete Mozart Piano Sonatas [.mid] 19
Sankey, John
Harpsichordist to the Internet Classical Music: Scarlatti, Byrd, Bach
Sato, Ken Yoshitomo
Classic MIDI Room - Classic [.mid] 62
Snyder, Heidi
Cat's Back Alley Music - Classical [.mid] 11
Tahira, Makoto
Makoyan's MIDI Files of Classical and Recorder Music [.mid] 28
Taylor, Barry
Traditional American Tunes [.mid] 37, []
Trachtman, Warren
Ragtime Piano MIDI files by Warren Trachtman [.mid] 81
Tubb, Benjamin Robert
More Civil War Music [.mid] 26
Williams, Norma
Norma's MIDI Site [.mid] 114, Classic Rock and Pop
Wood, Alan
Alan's Classical MIDI Page [.mid] 26, XG-MIDI, Beethoven, Brahmas, Mozart, Weber

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