This is an outdated page. I've left it here for those who are interested in the past. Much of the advice on this page is no longer needed.

10 Netsurfing Tips
How to Save Time & Avoid Frustration

Tips to Make Your Websurfing LIfe Easier.

1. Disable Auto-load Images

This can be done in the "preference" settings of your browser.

This is the number one time saver. Most pages have images that are not necessary. If the images are necessary, you can always click the "images" button. Even if you are the type of person who likes to see all the images, you don't need to see all the images all the time. In other words, you don't need to see the images on "links" pages and other pages which you pass through on the way to your destination.

2. Disable JavaScript

This can be done in the "preference" settings of your browser.

Probably over 90% of the use of JavaScript on the Net is unnecessary and time-wasting for the visitor.

3. Learn How to Open Links in Another Window

4. Always Choose the Text-only Page When Offered

Take advantage of these fast-loading pages.

Here are a couple of popular sites which have text-only pages. Go to these pages now and bookmark them for future use.

5. Always Choose the Non-frame Page When Offered

In most cases frames take more time (you need to download at least 3 documents) and are harder to navigate than non-frame pages.

Why do page writers make frames?

6. Don't Bookmark Frames or "Front" Pages

Don't waste time by always entering your favorite sites through the "front door". Just as in reading books, bookmarks should be to where you want to return to. Once you find the page within the frame that you want to return to, do this.

7. Save Frequently-used Pages to Your Own Hard Disk

If you often visit a page which doesn't often change, then you can save time by using it from your own hard disk. This way you don't need to wait for the page to come from the server.

8. Disable Plugins

The easiest way to disable plugins in Netscape is to make sure your "plugins" folder is empty.

9. Avoid Pages with Advertising When Searching

Most major search engines allow something like this.
Alta Vista's Simple Search

10. Learn to Surf More Than One Window at a Time

Open one window on the left side of your screen. Open another window on the right side of your screen.

Bonus Tip: Ignore Tips Which Don't Apply to You

If you have a fast connection, time is not a consideration, or advertising doesn't bug you, then some of the above tips may not apply to you.

Copyright (C) 1998 by Charles I. Kelly