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What Has Been Added in 2004

Catch the Spelling

Dictionary Flashcards & Browser

A Flashcard-like Activity Using Online Dictionaries

Flash Matching Quizzes for ESL Students

What Was Added in 2003

Flash Hangman Games for ESL Students

Also, various new activities were added to the already existing sections.

Some of the Other Things on the Website

Quizzes Based On VOA's Special English Programs

Flash Quizzes for ESL Students

Commonly-used American Slang

Commonly-used Proverbs

Super Quiz Machine for ESL Students

Reading Signs in English

Flash Crossword Puzzles for Studying English Vocabulary

Fun with Randomly-generated Sentences

American English Pronunciation Practice

Word Find / Word Search Puzzles for ESL Students

Scrambled Word Puzzles for ESL Students

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams

Daily Page for ESL Students