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The Internet TESL Journal <> is a monthly web-based journal that began publication in 1995.  In addition to publishing articles, it has many activities for students <> and various things for teachers <>.  These sites are free to use and contain no advertising.

Things for ESL/EFL Teachers (

Games and Activities for the ESL Classroom

Conversation Questions for ESL Students


Jokes for the ESL Classroom

EFL/ESL Lessons Using Web Sites

Internet Basics for ESL Students

Tell Me More: Task-based Communication Activities

ESL Student Guides to the Internet

Daily Page for ESL/EFL Teachers

Activities for ESL Students (

Flash Quizzes for English Study

Interactive JavaScript Quizzes for ESL Students

HTML-Only "Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students"

Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes

English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images

Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students

Selected Links for ESL/EFL Students

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How to Write Activities for the Activities for ESL Students Website

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