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This page is no longer being maintained. However, some of the links are still working, so I've left this page online for those who are interested.

The Complete List

Albin, Kenneth W. (American 1955- )
Ken's MIDI Compositions [.mid] 12, Classical Style
Alexander, Rick
Original MIDI Files ! (No MIDI files on this page.)
Alonso, Vicente Molina
composiciones originales en midi [.mid] 8
Anderson, Rod (Canadian 1935- )
Rod's Concert Hall (No MIDI files on this page.)
Angelino, Emanuele (Italian)
Emanuele Angelino's Web Concert [.mid] 19
Armand, Turpel
Aesthetics of the Prime Numbers Sequence [.mid] 1
Bach, Uwe
Uwe Bach's Homepage - My Music Page [.mid] 12, Style: Pop
Barbosa, AndrÈ Luiz
AndrÈ Luiz Barbosa Home Page [.mid] 1
Bard, Yohan
Yohan Bard's Original MIDI Files - The Present [.mid] 17
Bardant, Jean-Xavier (French 1968- )
Du boeuf pour MIDI - Jam for Breakfast [.mid] 16
Bertel, Jean-Luc
Wind and Brass (Free sheet music) [.mid] 3 (More on other pages.)
Belt, Bob (American 1968- )
Bob Belt - Artist Programmer [.mid] 3
Besteiro, Agustin (Argentina 1985- )
Agustin Besteiro MIDI Compositions [.mid] 6, Classical Style
Birch, Alisdair MacRae
Lead Sheets & Compositions [.mid] 6, jazz
Blackman, Merric (Australian)
The ELF's Home Page [.mid] 4
Boersma, Van (American)
Ded Serius MIDI Files [.mid] 2
Bogenhuber, Benedikt (Austrian)
Benedikt Bogenhuber's Download Page [.zip] 12
Bonnell, Bob
Bob's Mighty MIDI [.mid] 80, Pop Style
Bomanns, Heinz-Josef
Seems to Require JavaScript: Bomi's MIDI Files & Original Compositions [.mid] 18, Pop Style
Borelli, Marcos (Brazilian 1965- )
Lots of MIDIs [.mid] 3 Originals
Bramich, Keith (British 1958- )
MIDI Pieces by Keith Bramich [.mid] 60+ and growing.
Burton, Julie (Australian)
MIDI Pond [.mid] 22,Modern, Classical, Jazz, Latin
Cadero, George (American/Portuguese 1940- )
Gecadero's Original Sequencing {.mid] 24 Popular, R&R, Country
Caldeira, Luís
MIDI Page Portugal - Original MIDI Files [.mid] 5
Cannon, Chris (American 1954- )
Chris Cannon's Original MIDI Tunes (No MIDI files on this page.)
Caponi, Robert
T.W.I.D.N.- Music & MID [.mid] 6, Classical Style
Carlson, Christopher M. (American 1970- )
Classical Compositions [.mid] 14
Cavalcante, Hermes de Lima
Hermes de Lima Cavalcante - MIDI Composer [.mid] 21
Cornett, Derek (American 1961- )
Derek's Jukebox MIDI Files require JavaScript: contemporary, experimental, wacky
Croteau, Lee
Boogie Woogie Beethoven [.mid] 7
Cummerow, Daniel
The Sound of Mathematics [.mid] 25, AlgorithmicAl
Cummins, Gary (American 1960- )
Gary Cummins (The MIDI Time Zone) [.mid] 16
Damon, Sean (American 1968- )
The Original Music of Sean Damon [.mid] 19
deOgburn, Scott (USA 1955- )
Demo - MIDI and MP3 [.mid] 3, Jazz Style
Dill, Brian
Brian Dill's Original MIDI Files [.mid] 24
Di Marino, Roberto (Italian 1956-)
Tre Notturni for Guitar [.mid] 3
Diangelo, Frank
frank's awemusic [.mid] 16, EM
Dupont, Erick (French 1964- )
Musique quand tu nous tiens - Mes compositions - [.mid] 6
Filho, Adelmar Reis
A.R.MIDI [.mid] 6, Brazillian, Cuban, Jazz
Fingerhut, Larrance
Music for Theater and Dance [.mid] 35
Fiorini, Jef (American)
Jef's MIDI Life Crisis Center [.mid] 19
Fowler, Gary
Ye Olde Pots And Pans Page [.mid] 41
Gannon, T. C. (American 1956- )
TCG's MIDI Page--Original Tunes [.mid] 44
Gather, Sandy
Music by MIDI Sandy [.mid] 39
Gaynor, Bob (American 1949- )
Bob G's Cool Jazz Original XG Files [.mid] 9
Gibson, Jack (American 1952- )
Musica Mia [.mid] 13
Gjermundsen, Morten
MIDI Files by by Morten Gjermundsen [.mid] 16
Gomes, Miguel de Andrade (Portuguese 1972- )
Compositions of Miguel de Andrade Gomes [.mid] 31, Classical Style
Gonzalez, Raul
Rbrav's Original MIDI Page [.mid] 20 Some are not his own compositions.
Gridlock, Slorge
Slorge Gridlock's MIDI Files [.mid] 13
Grund, David Jr. (American 1974- )
Grundology [.mid] 18, Classical, Hard Rock, Pop, Techno, ...
Grzymkowski, Paul J.
My Stuff [.mid] 10
Hargadine, Ed
Ed Hargadine's Compositions (MIDI Files) [.mid 131] [.zip] 1, Folk/Ethnic, Jazz, Classical, ...
Hawkins, Jim (American 1946- )
Jim Hawkin's MIDI Page [.mid] 4
Hilby, Bert (German 1944- )
Bert Hilby: Musiker, Komponist, .... [.mid] 12, Pop Style
Honda, Yuzuru (Japanese)
Honda's Original MIDI [.mid] 27
Howard, Klaus
My MIDI Files [.mid] 6
Jacobs, Mark Eliot (American 1960- )
Mark Eliot Jacobs [.mid] 5
Johansson, Olle
Olle Johansson Original Jazz Fusion MIDI & MP3 - Jazz Fusion [.mid] 15
Johnson, Mark
Original MIDI Files and Links [.zip] Almost 20
Jones, Bill
Bill Jones Music Studio [.mid] 3 Originals
Joung, Grant H.
Music of the Black Hole Sun [.mid] 10 EM, At least one is not his own composition
Kottas, Stergios (Greek 1966-)
One mini MIDI Jam a Day [.mid] 80
Kroll, Ty
Ty Kroll: Composer [.mid] 23
Kubota, Yo (Japanese)
Mandelbrot Suit 1 for a micro tone piano [.mid] 12 CG
Lascoe, Tom
Tom Lascoe's MIDI Room [.mid] 38, Christian Praise & Worship
Lillie, Michael II
MILII-MIDI Files (See bottom of the page) [.mid] 25
Liver, Matthew (Mateusz Watroba) (Polish)
Contemporary Ragtime Compositions by Matthew Liver
Luebbert, David (American, 1954- )
Tune Description for the Luebbert Tune Cellar [.mid] 121, Jazz Style
Lynne, Bjorn
Fantasy / Nature inspired original MIDI songs by Bjorn Lynne .mid 22
Marshall, Diane L.
My Original Compositions [.mid] 7
Martin, Richard (American 1940- )
Richard Martin's Original Music Files [.mid] 69
McConahay, Brad (American 1965- )
Brad's Tunes [.mid] 7 Jazz/Rock
Mertes, Martina (German)
MIDI-Träumereien [.mid] 17, Pop Style
Milmerstadt, Christopher (American 1967- )
.mid downloads [.mid] 10, a-tonal, classical, avante garde
Mitchell, Bill
Bill Mitchell's MIDI Music Compositions [.mid] 2
Moir, T. J.
Original MIDI Files [.mid] 21, Styles: Spookie, Wierd, Classical, Gentle
Morgenheim, Ian P. (USA 1982- )
Love Bivouac: Original Music [.mid] 51, Misc., Experimental
Nagata, Hiroto (Japanese)
Original Works [.mid] 3, Classical Style
Neary, Tony (Irish)
Dufada MIDI Music Irish [.mid] 8
Ogawa, Sumitaka (Japanese)
Web Concert Hall (No MIDI files on this page.)
Ohigashi, Yuko (Japanese- Filipino-Chinese 1987- )
Yuko in Solo Piano [.mid] 17
Okada, Chuck
Casa de MIDI [.mid] 21
Olvera, Victor Rafael
Victor Rafael Olvera's HomePage [.mid] 3, Classical-style
Owen, Stan Jr
Creative Minds Music - Original MIDI File by S. Owen, Jr [.mid] 18
Peereboom, Jan
Jan Peereboom's Original Compositions [.mid] 4 [.zip] 0
Perry, Steve
Steve's Web - Music [.mid] 20
Pokorski, Ryszar (Poland)
COMPOSER - RYSZARD POKORSKI [.mid] 38 - Blues, Rock, Pop, ...
Polo Moya, Enrique (Spanish 1954- )
Misa de Consolacion [.mid] 4, Classical Style
Popoff, Andrew (Russian)
A.P.Music Studio [.mid] 15
Oliva, Marcos (Brazilian 1964- )
Nau Musical [.mid] 6, Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, ...
Ralph, Christopher E. (American, 1973- )
The Mercurial Composer's Page [.mid] 38, Style: Clssical (Minimalist)
Risbert, Bradford Savio [.zip] 10
Ross, Gerald
Gerald's Original Compositions [.mid] 2
Rozman, Gregor
Ambrosia (MIDI Classical Music) [.mid] 120 EM, Some songs are not his own originals.
Rubenstein, David (American 1954- )
Music for Many Moods [.mid] 22
Russo, Carl
Carl Russo's Music Studio (No MIDI files on this page.) Style: classical and baroque flavor
Sabatini, Frank (America 1987- )
Frank Sabatini's Music [.mid] 14
Sagerquist, Vic
Vicman's Original MIDI Files [.mid] 47, Styles: Classical, Funk, ...
Said, Amir Awad (Egyptian 1972- )
Happy Prince [.mid] 3, Style: Classical
Saphra, David F. (American 1951- )
Midi's for Kiddies , Children's Songs by D. F. Saphra [.mid] 13
Scharpf, Lewis G. Jr.
A Joyful Noise [.mid] 13
Signorile, James V. (American 1952- )
James V. Signorile, MIDI sequences of my original... [.mid] 19, Classical style
Sirotta, Michael (American 1944- )
Michael Sirotta's Music Page [.mid] 2
Skovorodnikov, Vitaly (Russian)
Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 12, Rock, Electronica
Sobczk, Lukasz (Polish)
Lukasz Sobczk [.mid] 9, PopStyle
Spondike, David (American 1961- )
David Spondike's Fractal Music - Hearing the Mandelbrot Set
St Germaine, Arthur
Descriptive Piano Music [.mid] 33 - ClassicalStyle
Sunami, Christopher
Instrumental Music
Tagawa, Misora (Japanese)
Free MIDI English Information [.mid] 13
Tantsorov, Igor
Igor's Original MIDI Songs [.mid] 14
Ti, Kai-Moy (Chinese 1947- )
Ti Kai Moy's MIDI Page [.mid] 8, Pop Style
Toivonen, Esa (Finnish)
Esa Toivonen's MIDI Music [.mid] 27, Pop Style
Turner, Shane (Canadian 1979- )
The MIDIleval MIDI Files Download Page [.mid] 10
van den Bos, Hans (Dutch)
Vandenbos Music Pages [.mid] 15, Jazz Style
Walloch, Antone S.
Big Band Music of Antone S. Walloch [.mid] 3
Walthius, Michael D. (American 1957- )
Web Tunes [.mid] 18 EM, Music of Cyberspace (No MIDI files on this page.)
Walz, Aaron (American)
Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 24, Video game music, character pieces, orchestral
Webb, Mel
Mel Webb's Original MIDI Compositions [.mid] 30, Pop Style
Wenzel, Joel
richard12's Home Page [.mid] 14
West, Dan
** NOTE: 2007-May-25 - Will be changing servers soon: Wild West's Music Studio-Original Compositions [.mid] 190, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Country
White, Ed
Ed's MIDI Tunes [.mid] 3
Will, Penny - Children's Music [.mid] 9
Winenger, Dwight (American 1936- )
Dwight Winenger's Catalog of Works [.mid] 3, Modern Classical Style
Yamashita, Shinji (Japanese)
DTM [.mid] 15
Yates, Ron (American 1947- )
ETRAX Productions - Electronic Music Tracks MIDI Page (No MIDI Files on this page.)
Young, John G.
Music by John G. Young, M.D [.mid] 4


Pages which can't be put above, since there are more than one composer on the page.
Sanger, George A. (American 1957- ) & Some Other Composers
Team Fat's MIDI Gallery [.mid] 9, Style: Game Music

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